lundi 9 novembre 2009

Persian Verbs

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Persian Verbs, Morphology and Conjugations

This book was mainly written for English-speaking students of Persian. It sets out to do as follows:

- present a complete list of Persian verbs. Verbs included pertain to a variety of language levels and contexts of use,
- present a comprehensive model of Persian verb morphological formation. The analysis of simple verb formation, as a single lexical unit or as part of derivative or compound verbs, is the focus of our explanations,
- help solve problems tied to the production and/or understanding of conjugated forms of Persian verbs and
- present in a concise form the phrasal contexts in which verb forms are realized.

Since this work is the first one of its kind as far as we know, it can also be of use to Persian speakers who want to learn more about verb use and conjugated verb forms.

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